Wroclaw Medical University Press

Scientific Journals
Habilitation theses


  1. Preparation of yearly publishing schedule of the University
  2. Full handling of publishing process of university publications, including: textbooks, habilitation theses, monographies, scientific journals.
  3. Preparation of publishing agreements.
  4. Preparation of publications for printing. Preparation of texts for plagiarism check. Sending the texts to scientific review.
  5. Preparation of publications for digital publishing.
  6. Ordering or providing in-house graphic, polygraphic and bookbinding services.
  7. Pricing of university publications.
  8. Managing the storage of university publications.
  9. Archiving digital versions of publications.
  10. Promotion and distribution of printed and digital university publications.
  11. Maintaining financial settlements of university publications.
  12. Providing administrative services for Senate Publishing Committee, Vice-Chancellor's Committee for Plagiarism Prevention and editorial meetings for journals published by the university.